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People Say...

  • I have known Dawn Fowler for 25 years, since we worked together as members of the State Bar Grievance Committee. We have been friends ever since. We got to know each other well and had plenty of conversations about why some clients are discontent with their lawyer. We learned that not returning phone calls was a major cause. I can tell you that Dawn is a lawyer who returns calls. Dawn is persistent in her representation of clients. She is genuine, caring, dependable and always accessible. I appreciate that she is very authentic in her approach to everyone. I am asked often to recommend a family law attorney and my number one go-to is Dawn Fowler. She consistently maintains her excellent reputation in the legal community of being dependable, competent and respected. You never hear a negative comment about Dawn. I do not hesitate to recommend her.
  • I have known Dawn Fowler for over 30 years. I became acquainted with her through family law meetings and organizations. Dawn’s scholasticism and superior knowledge of the law distinguishes her among our peers. She listens very carefully to her clients and is meticulous about details. She is highly ethical and has a good reputation at the courthouse and in the legal community. Lawyers respect her, and she is a well-known mentor among young lawyers. Dawn’s conduct in her personal life carries over into her professional life. She is attentive, loyal, thoughtful, and she works hard at giving her best in every relationship, whether personal or professional.
  • Dawn Fowler is extremely knowledgeable of the law and works with utmost integrity at all times. I often get asked for referrals to a family law attorney and Dawn is at the top of my list because of her flawless reputation. Dawn and I have been colleagues and friends for over 20 years. My practice includes the mediation of family law cases and I have mediated some of Dawn’s cases. As an attorney, Dawn is firm but gentle. She delivers in a way that everyone can understand but does not gloss over anything. Dawn is a hard worker and very service oriented; she enjoys volunteering as often as she can. Dawn is well known in the legal community. Accompanying her to the Dallas Bar Association is like being with the Queen of England. She is so well-liked and respected by her peers, that she draws a crowd. Everyone recognizes her and wants to talk with her. It is quite something. I’ve never heard a negative comment about Dawn Fowler in all the years I’ve known her.

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